The Phone by Gary Paul Bryant
The First Ride by Gary Paul Bryant
Awkward by Gary Paul Bryant
The Truth about Technology by Gary Paul Bryant


Aurora Blue by Gary Paul Bryant
Big World by Gary Paul Bryant
Damned yankee by Gary Paul Bryant
Guitar Games by Gary Paul Bryant
Legacy by Gary Paul Bryant
The Race by Gary Paul Bryant
Just a World by Gary Paul Bryant
If John Were Here by Gary
Ocean Walls by Gary
Tough Love by Gary
True Fusion by gary Paul Bryant
Wildlife by Gary Paul Bryant
Tube  Music by Gary
You'll Never Get a Chance Like This Again
Triatta by Gary Paul Bryant


A Demiahmoo Photo Book by Gary Paul BryantWhen I first found myself staring down the length of Semiahmoo Spit,  a locked gate and cyclone fence prevented me from walking its beaches and exploring the abandoned cannery.  That was 1979, and since that time, Semiahmoo has undergone a profound transformation.

Once home to the largest Salmon cannery in the world, Semiahmoo bay and adjoining Drayton Harbor together create a world-renown bird-watching mecca. Dozens of species of permanent and migratory bird populations that include Gulls, Plovers, Herons, and Eagles among others, spend time on the tidelands surrounding the spit.

With spectacular views of Mt. Baker and the North Cascade Mountains to the east, the San Juan and Canadian Islands to the west, a person standing anywhere on Semiahmoo’s 125 acres has a 360-degree view of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The photos in this book should help to prove that. Order it here.

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Aint no Cowboy

Gary Paul Bryant photoAs a musician, songwriter and composer, you'll find Gary’s work in multiple genres; sometimes hard rock, sometimes jazz or classical, from world fusion to country ballad, Gary’s existing material is available for non-exclusive licensing. 

With more than fifteen million streams and downloads, Gary's music has been licensed to thousands of YouTube videos and is also available on music sites including, Amazon, CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Soundclick, Rhapsody, and many, many others.

During the formative years of the Web, Gary also served as a research analyst and later, a digital publications editor for a silicon valley startup. Over the last twenty-five years, he has established himself as a writer, photographer,  technology analyst, and award-winning media creative in short fiction, music, digital animation, and web design. Gary is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and is also a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts & Science (Grammy)

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